Health care reform law is unamerican

March 31, 2010 

What if everyone that is of below average intelligence and/or below average income was forced by the government to use 100% effective birth control until they reached an aptitude and/or income level that is at least average?  Would we not consider this to be fascist and downright un-American?  Yes, because by implementing a hypothetical program such as this, the government would be violating basic human rights in a number of ways.  But what if this hypothetical anti-child bearing bill were promoted for its utilitarian merits, as being beneficial to more Americans in a monetary sense and a quality of life sense?  It would still be unconstitutional because it potentially violates life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.   


Soon, all Americans will have their basic human rights violated—not to the degree of deciding who can and cannot have children, but in a definitively fascist and un-American way.  Beginning in 2014, all Americans will be forced to have health insurance.  This is just one stipulation of a bill that has been pushed through the congress based on its utilitarian merits.


 Just because a bill is beneficial to a majority of Americans (supposedly) does not make it constitutional.  In fact, forcing any American to have health insurance is highly unconstitutional.  Also, the health care bill was touted as being a godsend to the financially disadvantaged; however, the poor can exempt themselves from the mandatory insurance coverage.  Anyone with a low enough income has Medicaid anyway so this healthcare bill was in no way, shape, or form benefits anyone who is poor. 


What if I use homeopathic remedies exclusively and have no desire to ever use conventional western medicine?  What if I just do not want to go to a doctor for whatever reason?  I still have to have health insurance?  I’m sure there are exemptions for religious reasons, etc., but in that case, what is the point of having a mandatory clause if basically anyone can exempt? 


We have all had a pile of horse manure dumped on us with this healthcare bill.  The most tell-tale sign this bill’s absurdity came from Nancy Pelosi’s mouth March 9th when she said, “…we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”  Now if that logic isn’t putting the cart before the horse and pushing both right through a huge steaming pile, I don’t know what is. 


My new year’s resolution for 2013 will be to get my income level below the poverty line so that in 2014, I can exempt the heath insurance mandate.  I’ll still carry health insurance because I make my health a priority and see it as a duty to society as well; however, I won’t HAVE to carry health insurance and that is worth something to me, as someone who staunchly opposes any unnecessary government.

Jessica Dunlap is a resident and business owner in York.

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