Students speak out against pot at their school

October 6, 2010 

Would this headline have been as effective at conveying a story as the headline that did run in The Herald of “Student, 12, charged after pot found at middle school”? As Oakridge Middle School’s PTSO, president I usually get calls from parents asking for clarification or details about events that happen at Oakridge Middle School. When this story ran in The Herald, several parents and community members wanted to know the details. I did what every parent and concerned individual could have done, I talked to Mr. Largen, our principal. I now know the details, and am frustrated at the coverage this story received. What I learned was this: The student arrested was not a student attending Oakridge Middle School. It was a student that came to watch a football game. That when this student approached Oakridge students several said they were not interested and distanced themselves from the student with the marijuana. The Oakridge Middle School students then did what they should have done and talked to the school’s resource officer who looked into the allegations, confiscated the bags, reviewed the tapes resulting in charges being brought. This to me is not a story about one student selling pot, it is a story of a group of students doing the right thing and standing up against pot at their school. It is a story about a resource officer that the students feel comfortable enough with to actually talk to and go to with a problem. It is a story about the school district’s drug education program not being taught, but being lived. While the article reported the factual information of the event, a little deeper digging is a much better story. Dr. Sosne, the Clover school district’s superintendent, has made this academic school year’s theme “accentuating the positive” this could have been a positive story about kids doing the right thing, I wish it had been. Sherri Ciurlik Lake Wylie Note: Ciurlik is Oakridge Middle School PTSO president.

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