The whole system needs to change

October 6, 2010 

Now that the midterms are approaching, I read things weekly, such as “we need John Spratt” and that “the Republicans are a party of no." This is not a letter condemning Mr. Spratt, nor endorsing Mr. Mulvaney, nor anyone else. This letter, hopefully, will wake up the sleep walkers and get them thinking a bit. Fixing 75 years of damage will not be easy nor quick. However, it can be done. We have serious problems, and we need serious revolutionary ideas to change the culture. This will start when we get candidates to represent us, fight for liberty and who believe in the following: Federal government shall be limited, as intended, by the “enumerated powers” given to it. Roll back all ABC agencies, across the board. States reclaim the rights to govern with little federal intervention. Yes, state’s rights. For some who are ignorant, this may sound like a dirty phrase; this country and its founders were, with no exception, all about “state’s rights” and limited power given to the federal government. Some preferred slightly “bigger” federal government, but, in the end, they all agreed that the states should have the majority of the power. Drastic reductions of power given to the judicial branch, (as intended). Find a candidate or group of candidates that truly believe in these principles, and maybe we have a chance. Vote for complacency on either side, and that’s exactly what we will get. To sum it up, our so-called limited federal government has been on a path of reckless expansion for many years, and I don’t blame John Spratt. But, he’s part of the problem, along with his colleagues in Washington. Get them out now. Todd Jackson York

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