Mick Mulvaney is a North Carolinian at heart

October 27, 2010 

Let me introduce you to Mick Mulvaney, a candidate for U.S. Congress. About five years ago, Mulvaney, a North Carolina developer, moved to Lancaster County, just a few hundred feet south of the North Carolina line. And soon after moving here, Mulvaney began running for political office. In 2006, he ran for state House. In 2008, he ran for state Senate. Now he is running for U.S. Congress. That’s three different offices in four years. Mulvaney has spent over half his time as an elected official running for higher offices. Mulvaney is hardly a South Carolinian. He still operates his real estate development business from Charlotte. He pays taxes in North Carolina. He owns a restaurant in North Carolina. And he send his children to private school in North Carolina. Most of Mulvaney’s life is in North Carolina, except for where he runs for political office. Now more than ever, we need a congressman who will fight for South Carolina jobs, not one who refuses to move his own jobs here from North Carolina. South Carolina has too much at state to trust a congressional seat to someone like Mulvaney, who is a North Carolinian at heart. John Spratt is a native South Carolinian who has lived and worked his whole life in South Carolina. John Spratt has our best interests at heart. On Election Day, let’s tell Mick Mulvaney that North Carolina doesn’t need another congressman. Gil Small, chairperson Lancaster County Democratic Party

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