Who are candidates for District 2 York County Council?

October 27, 2010 

Who are the candidates for the District 2 York County Council race and who do they represent? I decided to look deeper into the backgrounds of the candidates Bruce Henderson is married to Jennifer, a special needs teacher at York Comprehensive High School. Bruce and Jennifer have two children and are the caretakers of Bruce’s nephew Mikey, a special needs guy. Bruce is a conservative Republican and does not hide behind his beliefs. He is a tireless worker for his community and family. Bruce promises to work with community leaders and make us part of the decision-making process. Bruce is not part of the local development community and will make decisions based on what is right for the community and not his development friends and associates. Joe Baird is running as an Independent. Mr. Baird is a long time member of the development community. For example, he states “Development should not be all about concrete and roofs but should include retention of green space to maintain the quality of life we all admire in our community”. Excuse me Joe! Did you not just promote and approve the Allison Creek Project we have found has virtually no green space and is loaded with high-density development, nearly covering 1,400 acres with rooftops, concrete and asphalt? How about the Lowes and Walmart Center that is nothing but asphalt, concrete and rooftops on top of the Mill Creek section of Lake Wylie, that now needs another traffic snarling stop light because of poor planning. We have to have a councilman who is impartial and one who is willing to involve the community. David McCorkle Lake Wylie

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