Clover council approves water, sewer rate hike

June 14, 2011 

The Clover Town Council approved a water and sewer rate hike Monday that would cost average city users about $2 more each month as part of its budget for 2011-12.

The council, which also approved the $3.3 million budget for 2011-12, said the increase is necessary to pass on a rate hike imposed at the first of this year by the city of Gastonia, N.C., which provides water and sewer service to Clover.

Water and sewer rates are the only fee increases in the budget.

The rate increase, which becomes effective July 1, includes a 3 percent sewer rate hike and an 8 percent water rate increase. Harvey said the average household in Clover that uses 4,000 gallons of water each month would pay a total of $2.11 more each month for water and sewer.

However, she said customers who live outside town limits pay about double the water and sewer rate paid by those who live inside the town. Clover has 2,670 water and sewer customers within and outside the city.

She said the town last raised its water and sewer rates about 18 months ago, in response to a previous rate increase from Gastonia.

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