Let the buyer beware

August 19, 2011 

It hurts when you find yourself the victim of a possible scam, especially when it happens in your neighborhood. At a local computer store, I was sold a printer cartridge that was not a match for my printer.

The black ink printer that I recently bought at the same business was operating well and was not out of ink, but I wanted to have a reserve cartridge when the original ran out. I was thinking I could rely on a local source and not have to drive to a big box store for needed products. In this case, the results were not so good.

Perhaps the owner saw an opportunity to unload a printer cartridge that was not selling, or was simply careless in looking up the cartridge number? Of course, you can guess what happened when I did need to replace my printer cartridge four months later.

When I opened the package and tried to install it, it was “not exactly.” Taking it back to the store for a refund/replacement, I faced a defensive owner who refused to exchange it “because I had opened it and four months had passed.” A letter to the Better Business Bureau did not produce a compromise situation, but my principles got in the way.

Oh, well, my uncle used to say, “You have to pay for your education.” Here’s what I learned: be wary where you do business, know exactly what product you need before purchasing and let the Better Business Bureau handle your complaint.

Pat Veasey


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