Clover teen earns ticket to Hollywood on 'Idol'

January 24, 2013 

Sixteen-year-old Ja'Bria Barber, a Clover High School senior, brought her vocal talent to "American Idol" auditions at Charlotte Motor Speedway and won a ticket to Hollywood for the next phase of the competition. The "Idol" episode featuring Barber aired on local stations Wednesday night.

Ja'Bria's sang "Pride and Joy" by Bonnie Raitt during the audition and received compliments from celebrity judges.

Randy Jackson gave her props for her conviction and "crazy swag" while Nicki Minaj called Ja'Bria a "big piece of cutie pie."

She earned a unanimous "yes" vote from all three judges and received a Golden Ticket to travel to Hollywood for the next phase of the competition.

Only 37 contestants received the pass to Hollywood at the Charlotte auditions.

While Ja'Bria was praised for her musical talents, the judges also took interest in her hobby of "frog gigging" - hunting bull frogs in the evening in local waters.

She then cooks up the frog legs with a bit of hot sauce for a meal that "tastes like chicken."

Check back for more details.

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