Western York County arrests for the week of April 15

April 16, 2013 

Editor’s note: The following information is compiled from incident reports filed with the York and Clover police departments and from the York County Sheriff’s Office. The information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence. Minor traffic violations are not listed here.

KEY: AB – Assault and Battery; ABHAN – Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature; CDV – Criminal Domestic Violence; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; OC – Open Container; PD – Public Drunkenness; PDC – Public Disorderly Conduct; PDP – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; PMJ – Possession of Marijuana; PWID – Possession With Intent to Distribute (drugs); SA – Simple Assault.

Clover police arrests

Gary Lee Scott, 27, 111 Clover Leaf Drive, Clover, March 28, charged with grand larceny, criminal conspiracy and malicious injury to utility system.

Robert Keith Sweeney, 45, 122 Cloverbrook Drive, Clover, March 28, charged with grand larceny, criminal conspiracy and malicious injury to electrical system.

Nancy Christine Ramsey, 48, 2091 Apple Blossom Road, York, April 8, charged with DUI.

Kristen Joy Sandvoss, 39, 2644 Golfall Circle, Concord, N.C., April 9, charged with DUI.

Dillon Paul Dunbar, 18, 170 Quail Lake Drive, York, April 6, minor in possession of alcohol.

Willard LaRue Carraway III, 31, 2196 Southbend Road, Clover, April 6, charged with OC and DUIA.

Jamed Edward Moody, 45, 504 Telegraph Road, Gastonia, N.C., April 5, charged with DUI.

Kimberly Peeler Bradley, 43, 105 Stonegate Blvd., Clover, April 3, charged with possession of a controlled narcotic.

Brent Parris Hastings, 35, 935 Clover Park Drive, Clover, March 30, charged with DUI.

Frank Bobby Brooks, 72, 147 A8 Quinn Road, Clover, March 28, charged with DUI.

Leon Lowell Robinson, 56, 2331 Woods Road, York, March 25, charged with filing a false police report.

Tasha Diane Anderson, 30, 105 Clover Leaf Drive, Clover, March 24, charged with CDV.

Linda Sue Shaw, 27, 1202 Mount Holly Road, Rock Hill, March 22, charged with PDC.

Katie Miranda Adkins, 27, 209 Richland St., Clover, March 16, charged with forgery.

York police arrests

Antoine Detrail Douglas, 29, of 69 Sunset Drive, April 14, charged with DUI and resisting arrest.

Antonio Aguilar Govea, 50, of 2716 Cripple Creek Drive, York, April 13, charged with DUI.

Johnny Lee Paul, 50, of 405 E. Liberty St., York, April 13, charged with DUI.

Joey Michael Benfield, 52, of 102 Barron Park, York, April 12, charged with PDC and PMJ.

Chelsey Lashea Neely, 20, of 119 Hickory Lane, York, April 10, charged with PDC.

Jasmine Sierra Smith, 19, of 128 Valley Road, York, April 10, charged with PDC.

Jaquesha Mache Means, 22, of 205 W. Jefferson St., York, April 10, charged with PDC.

York County sheriff’s arrests

Sandra Williams Cobb, 58, of Clover, April 14, charged with attempted murder and pointing and presenting a firearm.

David Lee Smarr, 45, of Clover, April 11, charged with drug possession.

James Lemar Clawson, 23, of York, April 11, charged with assaulting a police officer.

Betty Faye Hayes, 46, of York, April 10, charged with CDV and resisting arrest.

Seth Aaron Luce, 32, of York, April 10, charged with DUI and drug possession.

James Lee Fleming, 28, of York, April 9, charged with shoplifting.

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