Western York County arrests for the week of June 24

June 26, 2013 

Editor’s note: The following information is compiled from incident reports filed with the York and Clover police departments and from the York County Sheriff’s Office. The information is presented with no presumption of guilt or innocence. Minor traffic violations are not listed.

KEY: AB – assault and battery; ABHAN – assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature; CDV – criminal domestic violence; DUI – driving under the influence; OC – open container; PD – public drunkenness; PDC – public disorderly conduct; PDP – possession of drug paraphernalia; PMJ – possession of marijuana; PWID – possession with intent to distribute (drugs); SA – simple assault.

Clover police arrests

James Wesley Kinley, 24, 786 Grant Lane, Clover, June 14, charged with PMJ.

Glenda Wilson Harris, 44, 110 Grier St., Clover, June 12, charged with DUI.

Tuulekka Thomas Noblitt, 50, 121 Cloverbrook Drive, clover, June 11, charged with CDV.

William Chancellor Sampson, 19, 2923 Hartley Court, Lake Wylie, June 11, charged with DUI.

Mary Carson Dellinger, 29, 308 Walnut St., Clover, June 4, charged with PDC and OC.

Amy Nicole Dover, 25, 2226 Dodge Road, York, June 1, charged with forgery and two counts of criminal conspiracy.

Stephanie Leigh Summitt, 20, 2793 Ranger Road, Clover, June 1, charged with forgery and two counts of criminal conspiracy.

Amanda Brooke Karraker, 24, 517 Star Cluster Drive, Clover, June 3, reckless driving and failure to stop for a blue light.

York police arrests

Misty Dawn Salva, 20, of 1306 Old Puckett Place, York, June 23, charged with PDC.

Steven McConnell, 29, of 116 Galilean Road, York, June 23, charged with PMJ.

James Lamar Weaver, 26, of 116 Tom St., Rock Hill, June 22, charged with trespassing and CDV.

William Lee Badz, 17, of 301 Silver Oaks Drive, York, June 19, charged with PMJ.

Kenyatta Latawn Sherer, 38, of 103 Lowry Row, York, June 18, charged with breaking and entering.

York County sheriff’s arrests

Jonathan Chase Jamieson, 26, of York, June 24, charged with DUI.

Shelton Michael Lattimore, 41, of Clover, June 24, charged with AB.

Cordelia Frances Bear, 19, of York, June 24, charged with AB.

Roy Tillman Campbell, 44, of Clover, June 24, charged with AB.

Jimmy Lee Hager, 63, of Clover, June 22, charged with CDV and attempted murder.

Michael Devin Jenkins, 21, of Clover, June 21, charged with burglary and larceny.

Mickey Dale Passmore, 45, of McConnells, June 19, charged with burglary.

Ricky Eugene Passmore, 45, of York, June 19, charged with burglary and CDV.

Billy Ray Bradshaw, 47, of York, June 18, charged with contempt of court.

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