Clover man in prison for life after 2012 attack

adouglas@heraldonline.comJuly 12, 2013 

A 43-year-old Clover man will spend the rest of his life in prison without a chance for parole after a 12-member jury Thursday found him guilty of attempted murder and first-degree burglary for a 2012 crime in York.

Hubert Floyd Brown Jr. was convicted and sentenced after a jury listened to a tape of a 911 call that recorded Brown attacking another man with a machete and cutting off the man’s thumb, said E.B. Springs, assistant solicitor for York County.

The crime happened on June 8, 2012, at the home of Michael Mahoney on Osteen Road.

Details of the crime

Mahoney told deputies that a fight ensued at his home around 10:30 p.m. when Brown came over and became argumentative about losing his job, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report from 2012.

Brown “sucker punched” Mahoney and the two men were fighting when a third man, Christopher Calvert, hit Brown in the head, the report states.

The blow required 11 staples into Brown’s cranium and caused traumatic brain injury, said David Cook, Brown’s attorney at this week’s trial.

After being hit, Brown went to his car to get a hatchet and he chased Calvert, yelling that he was going to kill Mahoney, Springs said.

Later, Brown picked up a machete and continued to chase Calvert, the sheriff’s report states.

When Mahoney ordered Brown to leave, Brown got back in his car but returned while Mahoney and Calvert were inside the home, Springs said.

Mahoney had dialed 911 and was speaking to a dispatcher when Brown entered the home and charged at Mahoney, he said.

Brown swung the machete at Calvert, Springs said, and cut off the man’s thumb as he raised his arm up to protect himself.

Deputies spoke to Brown at his home in Clover after the incident.

He told authorities he went to Mahoney’s house to discuss money that was owed to him, the report states.

Ten days later, arrest warrants were issued for Brown, charging him with attempted murder and first-degree burglary.

He was arrested on July 10, 2012, at his mother’s house in Walterboro, according to the sheriff’s report.

Brown had sent threatening text messages to Calvert and Mahoney, the report states.

In August, he was charged by the Sheriff’s Office with obstructing justice because deputies say Brown contacted a man named “Todd” and asked him to tell Mahoney to change his testimony against him in court, the report states.

Defense points to brain injury

This week, jurors heard a 2.5-hour testimony from a psychologist, Cook said, who told the court that Brown suffered traumatic brain injury from the blow to his head.

Brown entered an insanity plea but it did not convince jurors.

Cook argued that Brown was not able to distinguish between moral or legal right or wrong when he committed the crime because of the brain trauma.

The way the crime unfolded, Cook said, was probably the “most unfortunate sequence of events that’s ever happened in (Brown’s) life.”

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