Drive will help supply students with tools for school success

news@enquirerherald.comJuly 15, 2013 

  • Want to help? • In York, supplies should be dropped off at the York School District Office, 1475 E. Liberty Street, York. Checks can be made to the York School District One School Supply Account. • In Clover, donations may be dropped off at the Clover School District office, 604 Bethel St., Clover, or Clover Community Bank locations: 5196 Charlotte Hwy., Lake Wylie, or 124 N. Main St., Clover. Checks may be made to the Clover School District Supply Drive. Needed supplies •  York: Book bags or back packs, (not rolling); marble composition books; one-inch binders, with hard cover and side pockets; plastic three-inch prong folders with side pockets; clear front zip pencil pouch with three holes; crayons, dry-erase markers; pencil boxes; blunt-tip scissors; wide-tip black dry-erase markers; quart or gallon plastic zip-lock bags; sticky notes; Lysol or Clorox wipes; packages of dividers for the binder; spiral notebooks; clip boards; wide-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper; highlighters; Kleenez, hand sanitizer; flash drives or thumb drives. •  Clover: Three-ring binder (1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 5-inch); backpacks; Clorox wipes; colored pencils; construction paper; crayons; dividers; dry erase markers; facial tissue; flash drives; folders with prongs; glue sticks; graph paper; hand sanitizer; hand-held pencil sharpeners; highlighters; index cards; ink pens; loose leaf notebook paper, college and wide rule; Lysol; marble composition notebooks; markers; pencil pouch; pencils; pocket folders; Post It Notes; ruler; scissors; spiral notebooks; staples; tape; white copy paper; ziplock bags.

— As many as 800 students in York and Clover public schools need help preparing for the new school year that begins Aug. 21, and the community can help.

To ensure students have the supplies they need, all four York County school districts have launched annual drives for school supplies. The drives are a partnership between the schools and The Herald and its sister community newspapers – the Enquirer-Herald, Lake Wylie Pilot, and Fort Mill Times.

“It’s extremely important to give students tools to have successful school year,” said Marguerite Brown-Canty, an attendance officer for the Clover School District. “We know at least they’re ready for instruction and able to carry out with what is needed in academics.”

Brown-Canty said she anticipates the number of Clover students needing help getting school supplies will be similar to last year’s 500. In York, about 300 students received supplies last year, said Maria Duncan, human resource director for the York school district.

“I don’t think that’s going to change,” Brown-Canty said.

Duncan said that in the age of digital technology, schools are in need of items like flash drives, blank CDs and dry eraser board markers and erasers for new classroom whiteboards.

Book bags are another need for students both York and Clover schools. Duncan said rolling book bags should not be donated. “That’s an expense for a parent who has to buy three or four of them,” she said.

Duncan said schools have requested supply lists, but she said supplies will be provided to students if parents aren’t able to buy them.

“We want our children to have the right equipment for their jobs, which is going to school and getting an education,” Duncan said. “We don’t want to overburden our parents, because we’re sensitive to the fact that a lot of parents are single parents, or parents have lost jobs and been displaced.”

Supplies and monetary donations may be dropped off in York at the York School District Office on East Liberty Street, and in Clover at the Clover School District office on Bethel Street in Clover, or at Clover Community Bank locations in Lake Wylie and Clover.

Donations will be collected through Aug. 9.

Duncan said York distributes donated supplies through each school. In Clover, supplies will be distributed from 8 a.m. to noon Aug. 10 at Clover School District Resource Center, 300 Clinton Ave.

“Anyone who comes and says they have a need we will serve,” said Brown-Canty. “We just want to do as much as we can to serve students in our community.”

Will Largen, principal of Clover’s Oakridge Middle School, said the business community has been supportive in the past. “I encourage businesses to donate school supplies because we will get those into kids’ hands from day one.”

Duncan said both individuals and businesses in the York community have been generous in donating school supplies. “People are most generous in this area,” she said.

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