Police: York man was carrying improvised shotguns

jzou@heraldonline.comAugust 11, 2013 

— A York man was arrested after police say they found several knives, a razor blade, a needle and two pipe guns in his possession, according to reports.

James Dale Shuler, 39, was arrested Aug. 2 after police were called to the area accidentally by his disconnected cell phone.

An officer found Shuler walking on the street in the area where the 911 call was made and asked him if he had made the call. The officer checked Shuler’s phone and confirmed that the call had come from his phone.

Shuler was unaware that his disconnected cell phone had made the call to 911, according to the report.

The officer noticed that Shuler was carrying a large walking stick and what appeared to be a knife in his back pocket, the report states. Police found another pocket knife in his front pocket and concealed pipes measuring seven inches and four inches long.

The pipes had pieces of cord attached to them and the police initially mistook them for improvised batons, according to the report. Inside one of the pipes police found a shell and buck shot.

Police discovered the pipes were actually improvised shotguns, and Shuler was charged with unlawfully carrying the firearms.

Officers also found a razor blade hidden in Shuler’s phone case and a needle in the bill of his hat.

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