Seek out real facts about Affordable Care Act

September 10, 2013 

Seek out real facts about Affordable Care Act

Both political parties have agreed on the urgency to control and rein in future costs of health care. Most citizens possess a social ethic that asks them to help others who are unable to attain or afford health care. The Obama administration has advanced a plan it feels will accomplish both goals.

Those goals are to provide coverage to more citizens while, at the same time dealing with advancing costs. The president knew his solution would not be an easy sell. He might not have expected such vitriol from so many on Day One. He must have been disappointed with those who closed their ears without any consideration.

Retirement has enabled me time to read, listen and engage knowledgeable persons with factual information on major parts of the legislation. Frankly, I believe that most citizens who oppose the Affordable Care Act listen more to opinions of friends, party leaders and conservative TV talk show hosts than use their own heads.

All of us could do more independent homework on a subject as important as health care.

At a public meeting of GPS Conservatives for Action in York County, the speaker told how his group is working to defund Obamacare. He also urged all young persons to burn their “Obamacare draft cards” and pay the fine rather than sign up for a health insurance exchange.

That is irresponsible behavior and poor advice for uninsured young persons. It’s urging young persons to play Russian roulette with their own health.

The dialogue about Obamacare has now become mainly political and has lost all sense of reason. There is more myth than fact, and more deceitfulness than truthfulness.

Those states that have established new exchanges, including the so-called mandate, are reporting lower, not higher, overall costs. They haven’t experienced the doomsday result that opponents of Obamacare had predicted.

Shouldn’t we give the plan a chance to work and not speak of shutting down the government? And certainly not of defunding the plan, for that matter.

Harry M. Dalton

Rock Hill

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