Deputies: Man charged with setting brother’s car on fire in Clover

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comNovember 1, 2013 

Rontigus Bright

— A Charlotte man who bragged on Facebook that he had set his brother’s car on fire five months ago was arrested Wednesday.

York County sheriff’s deputies say he soaked shirts in gasoline, tied them to the 2002 Honda Passport and lit the blaze that engulfed the car.

After midnight on June 8, deputies were called to a Bethel School Road home after a woman, 33, reported that she heard a loud boom, looked out the window and saw her husband’s car on fire in her yard, according to a York County sheriff’s report.

The woman ran outside, moved her car away from the burning car and grabbed a water hose to douse the flames. She told deputies that Rontigus Bright, 37, posted on Facebook that he had set the car on fire.

Bethel volunteer firefighters extinguished the fire, the report states.

Deputies reported that they had been called to the same house to address complaints about Bright, whose brother, 39, kicked him out his house, the report states. Bright’s brother had allowed him to drive the car, according to the report, but Bright allowed the engine to run hot, causing the engine head to crack.

Police found gasoline-soaked shirts tied to the car stretching at least 20 feet, the report states. Deputies found burned cloth in the gas filler spout. The back of the car melted from the heat, and the driver’s side back tire was partially melted.

Two days later, police spoke again with the wife, who reported that Bright had sent her several messages on Facebook in which he admitted to setting the car on fire, the report states.

Deputies charged Bright with third-degree arson. He was not found until this week. He is being held at the York County Detention Center on a $3,000 bond.

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