York man arrested twice in one weekend

jzou@heraldonline.comNovember 10, 2013 

— Police arrested a York man just two days after he was booked for alcohol-related driving charges, according to a report.

Clover officers arrested 22-year-old Christopher O’Brian Greene early Sunday morning for driving under suspension, his third such offense, and having an open container of alcohol while driving. Officers also noted in the report that Greene was a habitual traffic violator.

On Friday, The Herald reported that Greene had been charged with driving under the influence stemming from a traffic stop earlier that morning that involved a high-speed chase with police.

In that incident, Greene initially failed to stop for police, instead accelerating above 100 miles an hour on his motorcycle. Police were able to catch up to Greene during the 11-mile chase when he fell off his motorcycle trying to turn a corner.

On Sunday, Greene had yet another brush with police the day after he was released from jail. Police found him at a local cul-de-sac driving a Honda car that belonged to his sister, who was in the passenger’s seat at the time of the incident.

According to the latest report, officers pulled up to the car and also saw an opened Bud Light beer can in the front cup holder by the driver’s side.

Greene was taken to Moss Justice Center.

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