Moore sparkles in North-South All-Star game

genegraham@comporium.netDecember 16, 2013 

— Ryan Moore solidified his reputation as one of the premier running backs in the Palmetto State in Saturday’s North-South All-Star football game.

He was the same downhill runner. The same bruising behemoth, and he gave the same offensive production. But he did it all on a much bigger stage.

The York Comprehensive High School stalwart impacted the game in a huge way, rushing for a game-high 97 yards on eight carries and penetrating the end zone from one and three yards out.

Moore catapulted the well-equipped North team to a 38-21 conquest of the South at Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium in Myrtle Beach.

The gritty performance by the North All-Stars dealt the South its ninth loss in the last 10 games of the series.

“We had fun playing the game like the college teams do,” Moore said of the once-in-a-lifetime experience. We played 15-minute quarters and had TV timeouts. “The officials would call timeout in the middle of a play. It was a new experience for the players.”

But Moore said the North-South experience was more than a football game.

“It was a great week, a lot of camaraderie among many of the best players in the state,” he said. “I spent a lot of time hanging out with players at the motel, especially Northwestern and South Pointe players. There were a lot of activities the players enjoyed.”

Moore said the players had good practices. “The coaches knew we had downhill runners to carry the ball,” he said.

Another highlight of the week for Moore was being able to share the North-South experience with YCHS assistant football coach John Moorefield and student-trainer Danny Hevelow.

Moorefield, who is the school’s assistant athletic director and one of the revered high school coaches, served as an assistant coach in the North-South game.

Hevelow, a three-year student-trainer lauded by YCHS head trainer Mike Smith as one of the best, carried out his duties throughout the week. He plans to enroll at Winthrop University in the fall to study sports medicine.

With the North-South experience behind him and the Cougar football banquet held this week, Moore will depart Jan. 10 for Youngstown State.

“I’ve got to get up there and earn a running back spot,” Moore said.

He will begin first semester Jan. 13.

“I will technically have graduated from York Comprehensive High School,” said Moore. However, Moore said he plans to be back in June “to walk with my buddies at graduation.”

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