Two teens charged after fight at Clover High School

From staff reportsDecember 20, 2013 

— A brawl between two teenage girls at Clover High School became one male student’s lunchtime entertainment when deputies say he showed video of the scuffle to friends hours after one of the girls had been charged with assault and battery on Monday.

At about 3:30 p.m. Monday, deputies were notified about a fight between two students in the high school’s ninth grade lobby, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. School staff already managed to break up the fight, and the victim, 15, had gone to the nurse’s office with a swollen right eye. There, she told deputies that another student, 14, walked by her and called her a derogatory name. The victim turned around and said, “really,” to the suspect. That’s when the two girls began fighting. The suspect punched the victim in the head and face.

The suspect, who suffered from a scratch on her left cheek, told deputies that the victim had been bullying her and planned to jump her after school. The suspect admitted to calling the victim a derogatory name, which resulted in a heated argument. The victim threw her books to the ground and took a fighting stance. The suspect told deputies that she had had enough and she started “pounding” the victim in the face.

School surveillance video corroborated both girls’ statements, but deputies determined that the suspect started the fight. Deputies charged her with third-degree assault and battery and disturbing schools. She was summoned to family court and released to her aunt and uncle.

Also on the school video was Zachary Burrows, a 17-year-old student who deputies saw videotape the fight. On Tuesday, police found Burrows in the cafeteria during lunch, showing the video and making punching motions to other students while laughing, the report states. School administrators told him school policy forbids videotaping fights, which carry the same penalties for an actual fight itself.

Burrows refused to hand over his phone to school officials and was escorted to the school’s resource officer, the report states. Burrows refused to give the officer his phone, show him the video or answer any questions. Because of the “ongoing humiliation of the victim,” Burrows was issued a summons to court on a disturbing schools charge, deputies reported.

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