York teen assaults, spits at officers

rsouthmayd@heraldonline.comJanuary 8, 2014 

— A 16-year old York teenager was arrested Sunday after fighting with sheriff’s deputies, according to a York County sheriff’s report.

The teen’s father called the sheriff’s office on Sunday. He said his son, who was on probation for a previous assault on him, had run away on Friday.

When deputies found the boy on Sunday in the Knightsbridge subdivision in York, he gave them a false name and address. His parents helped deputies identify him because of the watch he was wearing.

The teen had liquor and cigarettes in his possession, according to the report, and the teen yelled and cursed at deputies. They struggled with the teen, who is more than six feet tall. During the struggle, the teen hit one of the officers and knocked his glasses off.

The officer responded by striking the teen “about the face” four times to distract him enough to maneuver his hands into handcuffs. An ambulance was called because the teen had blood on his face. The teen continued to spit blood at officers and scream and curse at them.

The boy was charged with resisting arrest while assaulting an officer, minor in possession of alcohol, malicious injury to personal property and throwing bodily fluids and possession of Xanax.

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