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Reader: Clover School bond is great plan, vote yes

March 5, 2014 

What a great plan and idea (Clover) school board has developed for the Lake Wylie residents.

There is no better way for taxpayer money to be spent than something that will directly benefit the residents of the community, even ones who are beyond the needs of the school system. A modern, first-class, year-round facility for swimming, basketball, walking, running, and whatever group activities there are for people of all ages would be the most wonderful thing that could be added to this community.

At this time, there are no places for people (young or old) to swim or learn to swim. It is extremely important for the young children to learn to swim, especially since we are a lake community. There’s no place to play basketball other than in the street or a cul-de-sac. Elderly people can’t swim and do water aerobics without going to Baxter Village in Fort Mill or Rock Hill. There are no outdoor athletic fields, except behind River Hills Community Church. There is a lot of talk about getting the youth outside for exercise, and yet there is no place for them to go except in the neighborhood streets, which is pretty risky.

This is a wonderful idea and needs all of the support we can give it! Not only support it, but make sure you get out and vote on March 22.

My adult daughter has a disability that water aerobics would absolutely benefit. It would be the only thing offered locally that would improve her mobility and quality of life, much like many others with mobility and balance issues. Indeed, we have traveled to Fit-As-A-Fiddle, Baxter and Rock Hill for access to pools, but the effort was too great and we finally gave it up. If there were a facility in Lake Wylie, that would be wonderful.

A pool of the type in Rock Hill or Baxter would bring swimmers and swim meets to Lake Wylie, which would be a nice boon to the local economy. Those swim meets often run three to four days, which means those families would be eating out in this area and shopping during their down time.

A safe place to walk and ride bicycles rather than in neighborhood streets, for young and old, would be so much safer. Just think, if only one death or injury were prevented, that would be worth the cost of the whole facility. I’m just so pleased that the school taxes that I gladly pay will actually incorporate something for me, as a senior of Lake Wylie, to also enjoy while also enhancing the experience of the students.

To boot, we can get these new schools and this great new recreation center with no increase in our property taxes since older bonds are rotating off about the time that this one would be coming up. The community pride, the economic benefit, the increased safety of the kids and the continued access to great schools makes this bond, to me, a no-brainer.

There are a few folks who are trying to vote the bond down because they have an entirely different agenda in mind. But, honestly, when you take the time to learn the facts and recognize the merit in this bond proposal, the answer is clear. Vote yes!

Support it and vote.

Warren B. Rogers is a Lake Wylie resident.

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