My view: Vote yes for Clover schools on March 22

March 19, 2014 

Vote yes for Clover schools on March 22

I encourage everyone, especially those who have children in Clover School District, to vote yes for the bond referendum on Saturday, March 22.

I had the privilege of serving on the Clover School Board of Trustees for 16 years with several different administrations and I am proud to say that every board and every administration made decisions based on what was best for all students in the district.

Not once was a decision made for students because they lived in a certain community. This philosophy has been a major contributing factor to the excellence in this school district.

Clover School District has consistently been one of the top districts in the state for many years. Community support and unity has been another major contributing factor to this success.

This community support has never been needed more than now. A small, but very vocal, group from Lake Wylie, many of whom have no children in the school district, are working to defeat this bond referendum.

Their focus is on a particular area and group of students, not on all students. This philosophy divides, rather than uniting to strengthen the district.

The Clover School Board and this administration have put together a bond referendum package to maintain a low pupil/teacher ratio for teacher effectiveness and student success. If this referendum is defeated, every student and employee will be adversely affected.

I encourage every voter to be informed by viewing the video at After the video, be sure to click on Projects and FAQ.

Every yes vote is needed! Vote yes for success on March 22.

Frank Falls


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