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Letter: Relay for Life pageant was a blast!

May 22, 2014 

Relay for Life pageant was a blast!

I attended the April 19 Relay for Life Pageant, sponsored by Fancy Feet for A Cure at the Sylvia Theater in York. Many members of Julie’s Fancy Feet Dance Academy attended, but the actual sponsor was Fancy Feet For A Cure.

I am a parent of one of the young ladies who participated. I chose this pageant due to a few factors. First, it wasn’t a competition, it was for fun; second, it was for a great cause; and third, to help teach my daughter the importance of helping others.

Many real pageants are very competitive and I wanted one like this to see how my daughter would like it. One thing mentioned in the a recent Letter to the Editor published in the Enquirer-Herald was the length of time. It was three hours. However, there were several age groups and each young lady was given the same amount of time to walk on stage and have her information stated by the MC.

Also, this was the first pageant that they have ever held like this, and they have learned how to manage time better.

No judge ever left the judging table from the front. I attended with my husband and mother and was there after another 30 minutes or more. We loved every minute. But to say the judges left . . . no. I stood at the concession stand the whole time.

Only volunteers who run the theater or were MCs may have needed to excuse themselves during intermission. Judges were at work tallying scores. No one else had anything to do with scores. My husband and mother were sitting close to the judging table and never heard any arguing or complaints of not agreeing with the judges’ scores.

I believe one thing that bothered some was certain young ladies winning so much, and to that let me state a fact: There were different categories that each girl could enter. The base fee of $25 covered only beauty and purple wear. So if you didn’t pay to be in the other five categories, and the young lady beside you did pay to enter, then she is going to win those sashes due to being entered in all of them.

One thing I loved was that every single young lady received a tiara for being part of the pageant. That was awesome.

These young ladies raised an incredible amount of money for Relay for Life/American Cancer Society, more than $3,000. So why attack something that was simply awesome?

This world needs more people like Fancy Feet for a Cure, Julie’s Fancy Feet Dance Academy, each contestant and all those volunteers to help make a difference.

To everyone who had a hand in this event, I thank you. This pageant was so much fun. Will we do it again? Yes. We have already set our sights on next year to help raise more money and awareness.

Cancer is an awful disease. I lost my grandmother and aunt to it. If by doing events like this will help them find a cure, I am all for it.

Christina Long


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