Western York County arrests for the week of June 23

June 24, 2014 

Editor’s note: The information is compiled from incident reports from the York and Clover police departments and the York County Sheriff’s Office. The information is presented with no intent of guilt or innocence. Minor traffic violations are not listed.

KEY: AB – Assault and Battery; ABHAN – Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature; CDV – Criminal Domestic Violence; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; OC – Open Container; PD – Public Drunkenness; PDC – Public Disorderly Conduct; PDP – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; PMJ – Possession of Marijuana; PWID – Possession With Intent to Distribute (drugs); SA – Simple Assault.

Clover police arrests

Kenyon McDowell, 22, 109 Pinkney St., Clover, June 19, charged with PDP.

Deanna Ellen Huddleston, 54, 208 Hilltop Lane, Clover, June 18, charged with shoplifting.

Shawn Michelle Hall, 45, 202 McConnell St., Clover, June 18, charged with discharging a firearm in town limits.

Amanda Michelle Clemons, 35, 206 Poplar St., Clover, June 13, charged with AB.

Devin Demoris Adams, 17, 5187 Fewell Road, Clover, June 11, charged with AB.

George Melvin Huskey, 47, 303 Knox St., Clover, June 12, charged with CDV.

Joseph Kohrman, 47, 927 Echo Springs Circle, Clover, June 14, charged with DUI and PDC.

Xavier Alexander Adams, 23, 1222 Bowling Green Drive, Clover, June 15, charged with PWID cocaine.

Jennifer Lynn Dale, 22, 1222 Bowling Green Drive, Clover, June 15, charged with PWID cocaine.

York police arrests

Jeffery Wilbert Brown, 53, of 813 N. Congress St., York, June 23, charged with trespassing.

Lenzy Woodard, 58, of 775 Forest Road, Rock Hill, June 22, charged with DUI.

Ira Dewitt Hayes, 53, of 109 Autumn Place, York, June 21, charged with AB and PDC.

Anthony Ray Kennedy, 58, of 503 California Circle, York, June 17, charged with OC.

York County sheriff’s arrests

Franklin Lucas, 26, of Smyrna, June 24, charged with CDV.

Joshua Darnell Adams, 17, of York, June 23, charged with forgery.

Jena Michelle Roberts, 24, of Clover, June 22, charged with financial fraud.

Ontavius Laron Knox, 23, of Clover, June 21, charged with AB.

James Leon Hepler, 48, of Clover, June 21, charged with fraud and receiving stolen goods.

James Verdell Mobley, 50, of McConnells, June 20, charged with CDV.

Jesse Allin Dilts, 26, of York, June 20, charged with probation violation.

Anton Cornelius Anderson, 24, of York, June 19, charged with PMJ.

Deanna Ellen Huddleston, 54, of Clover, June 19, charged with shoplifting.

Stephen Gernard Adams, 46, of York, June 19, charged with probation violation.

Alexander Bissett McConnell, 48, of York, June 18, charged with probation violation.

Daniel Lee Neal, 27, of Clover, June 17, charged with conspiracy, burglary and larceny.

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