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    It’s too soon for ‘back to school’

    There just seems to be something wrong with having tykes wander the halls while it is 98 degrees outside and God forbid if they are trapped in one of those “trailers” that look like penal colony housing.


    There’s no painless fix for S.C. roads

    Sen. Vincent Sheheen was smarter than to use language so given to parody, and the details are different, but his proposal to divert all of the state’s annual revenue growth to road and bridge repair is of a piece with and no more realistic than the governor’s plan. If he’s serious...


    Scott Cost: Seek out the unknown

    I went back to my hometown for a family reunion last weekend. As I caught up with people I haven’t seen in a few years, talking about who has been born, who has died, who has gotten married or just marveling at young adults who were toddlers the last time I saw them, I had quite a few interesting...


    Clover School District is not ‘Us vs. Them’

    I have spent the past 19 years as an employee of Clover School District. Fifteen of those years have been as administrator and principal of Clover Junior High, Clover Middle, and Clover High. I have served parents and students from Bethany to Lake Wylie, and I understand the strength of the educational...


    Bill gives school districts new option

    A bill that would give more school districts the option of collecting a 1-cent sales tax for construction projects would offer some needed flexibility to the districts.


    My view: 2014 S.C. legislative session productive

    A lot of the news coverage of the end of the General Assembly’s legislative session has focused on the more “popcorn worthy” moments of the Senate choosing its internal leadership. But what those news stories left out is that despite it all, 2014 was a banner year for education...


    My view: Clover schools should resubmit bond plans

    The result of the March 22 Clover School District $67 million bond referendum indicates a major part of the district does not support the proposals, including the 3,400 student high school and all the trappings surrounding it.


    A Woman’s World: The vicious cycle of a diet

    As I lay in bed, I plan and plot for the next day. What I would eat, what I would avoid. How many pounds would miraculously melt away?


    S.C. Legislature was surprisingly productive

    It is deeply disturbing that our Legislature was not willing to turn over investigations of legislators’ compliance with the ethics law to someone besides legislators. But even considering that inexcusable failure to put the public interest ahead of legislators’ own self-interests ...


    My view: Observations in health care operations

    Why are so many people re-admitted to hospitals for infection related maladies within weeks of being discharged from an unrelated condition at a hospitalization?

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